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Upcoming Store Collections 2021

In line with my commitment to roll out new products and configurations, I am pleased to announce the following upcoming collections.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Firstly, I will be compiling photographs from the “Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew” into its own named collection. This includes the current available options from the initial release of the store plus a new release this upcoming collection. This will provide another avenue to share my work from my beloved Kew Gardens project. Below is an example planned for the release. Furthermore, I am planning to offer multipacks of prints and finished products in the future at a discounted rate to provide better value for multiple purchases. This new collection will also include a Special Edition photobook further down the line.

This is LDN

Secondly, I am excited to roll out photographs taken in London to showcase the beautiful city in all its glory. Being born and raised near London provided me many opportunities and experiences within this historic and iconic city. These photographs will fall under the “This is LDN” collection and will be perfect for those who share the same love for this glorious city. Potential examples of the upcoming release are shown below and will include new photographs as they become available.

Finding your Zen

Next in line, I am looking to compile photographs that embody a sense of peace and relaxation. These photographs will be compiled in the “Find your Zen” collection. This collection will be the ideal choice for those who are looking to compliment their living space to imbue these feelings. Below are some examples planned for this collection. Existing photographs that fit this theme will also make its way into this collection. This is a particular collection that I am very excited about.

Street Life

Another upcoming collection will be based around my love and enjoyment of street photography. This collection will be aptly named “Street Life” and will be for those looking to add that urban feel to their home décor regimen. I am in the process of selecting the next batch of photographs and will hopefully have this finalised in the coming weeks, but by Summer 2021 for sure. In the meantime, a selection of current photographs in the store will transition into this colleciton. Be sure to have a look and have a taste of things to come.

Editor's Choice and Best Sellers

Now to a couple of minor collections (more of a filter really), I will be compiling some of my personal favourite images and best selling prints under the “Editor’s Choice” and "Best Sellers" collections respectively for easy viewing and sorting. These collections will be made up of a chosen few from the other collection sets.

Limited Edition (?)

Finally, I intend to create an exclusive selection of photographs available as the Limited Edition collection. These options will be printed on Fine Art grade photographic papers in the A3 and 24” x 16” format. The framed finish product will utilize the 30mm width moulding, but the customer will still have the option to select the frame colour to best match their space. This is still a work in progress as I am looking to finalize the number of print runs and pricing but be sure to look out for the announcement once the collection is open!


The online store will also receive a makeover to showcase this more collection style approach, where featured collections will be prominent on the landing page and featured products will be listed to draw the attention of prospective customers. But of course, the complete collection will also be readily viewable by selecting the “All Products” button. This section will also include filters to sort the full collection and easily find what you are looking for.

So don't delay! Check out the refreshed online store and browse around to find your perfect match.


I hope this announcement makes you as excited as I am to bring these collections to you. The best place to be in the know, is to sign up for the mailing list. Do not worry, I will not flood your inbox. Thank you for your time, and as always, stay tuned to this space.


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