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Product Showcase: The Unboxing Experience

For this blog entry, I am proud to showcase the unboxing experience to you all so that you may see what the experience is like when ordering from my store. The examples in this post include a standard 12” x 6” framed order and a A3 print only order. This is to ensure you have a detailed overview of my offering and to develop a level of transparency so you can trust the product that you will receive.

The 12” x 6” Framed Order

All framed orders are fulfilled by courier service. Here in the UK, the courier of choice is DPD. This courier service is personally my favourite here in the UK. Thankfully, I have not had any issues with their service in all my time using them, both receiving and sending (touch wood). So, I was extra glad to hear that dStudio also use DPD services. I especially enjoy being given a 1-hour time slot on the day of the delivery, as well as the ease of use to track and manage delivery online. It is possible to see the location of your driver and update any additional instructions, including switching delivery to a pick-up point.

Upon delivery, I was extremely satisfied and relieved, to see that the package arrived in pristine condition. Referring to the images above, we can see there is no clear damage to the package itself, all seals are still intact, and there are clear "fragile" markings on the exterior. You can rest that bit easier knowing the package will likely arrive intact and well looked-after.

The unboxing experience was a surprising struggle. Since the exterior packaging is simply a paper wrap, it is possible to just rip it open. However, in my attempt to open the package neatly, I ended up making it more challenging than it needed to be. Rest assured, it is well packed even though the exterior is a simple paper wrap. The reason being, the frame itself, is contained within tightly packed cardboard.

You can see the remnants of the exterior paper wrapping in the image above and the subsequent cardboard enclosing the bubble wrapped frame. On one hand, I was expecting a pre-produced box package, so I was a bit underwhelmed when it was a simple, re-used cardboard packaging for Canson photographic paper that was re-purposed. But on the other hand, I do applaud the intent to reuse old packaging to minimise waste. The bubble wrap is a step up and of premium quality. The bubble wrap feels dense and relatively resistant to pressure. There were no pre-popped bubbles on my order, which in theory should mean the contained frame would be free from transit damage.

Upon taking the frame out of the bubble wrap, it is clear to see the quality of the final product. There is clear care in the way the corners are protected by cardboard corner pieces. As such, I am pleased to say my sample order was free from any damage. My sample order was of my Welcoming New Life photograph. The accompanying Certificate of Authenticity shows that this photograph has been printed on Hahnemühle Photo Luster 260gsm utilising the giclée printing process. Other specifications are highlighted certifying that this product is printed to ArtSure standards using authentic manufacturers products. Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing my products are original and use the best possible materials.

From the images above, we can see the dimensions of the frame mould width and the border of the window mount, a macro image of the brushed white frame finish, and the rear of the frame assembly with the wire for wall mounting. The tolerance of the frame mould width is accurate to the supplier specified 20mm which I was incredibly pleased to see. The brushed finish is detailed and textured; a very satisfying appearance. Finally, the rear of the frame has been secured and the mounting hardware seems robust enough that I am confident the wire will support the weight of the frame for some time, if not the lifetime of the product.

The A3 Print Only Order

In the UK, print only orders are to be fulfilled by the Royal Mail. In most instances, to ensure peace of mind and security, orders will be dispatched utilising the Signed For service. This will allow customers to track orders and manage delivery where applicable.

Prints that are larger than A4 or equivalent in size are to be dispatched in hard cardboard rolls to allow safe delivery to customers free from any damage. Formats equivalent to A4 and smaller, are dispatched flat-packed in protective packaging. Photos in these sizes are relatively small to roll and as such, are dispatched in this way.

The cardboard tube is sealed with brown paper tape and a circular plastic cap to ensure the print is contained securely. Once the seal is broken and the cap removed, we can see the thickness of the tube. As mentioned earlier, the tube construction is hard cardboard and feels very solid, even after considerable resistance from when I tried to compress it. You can rest assured; these printed orders will likely arrive in prime condition. Sliding the paper roll out, we can see it is again sealed with the same brown paper tape.

Breaking this seal will cause the roll to unfurl, revealing the print like a blooming flower. The print itself is further protected by a light paper film on the print side to protect the finish. Extra care must be taken at this stage to not scratch the surface of the print. Upon inspection, my sample order appeared to be in pristine condition, and I was extremely satisfied. The quality of the finish on the Hahnemühle Photo Luster 260gsm paper is truly exquisite.

After rolling out the print and installing in a A2 frame with window mount, we can see the result of what you can expect from an order like this. Please bear in mind, this A2 frame was purchased some time ago from another store and is not indicative of the framed solution you will receive in this form factor when ordered direct from me. There will be slight variance in the overall frame dimensions, which you can find on the item store page.

Unboxing new goodies is always a fun experience, but the feeling is elevated when the product you are unboxing is your very own. A realisation of your vision in your hands, and in this case, on my wall. It is truly a rewarding feeling and I am hopeful you, as a potential customer, will feel that sense of pride that I carry in my work. Furthermore, I hope you have found this blog post extra interesting as I have taken you through the processing of unboxing a Gerald Perey Photography product.


I hope you have enjoyed this overview and that it has answered any questions you might have had regarding my products. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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